Chef Tim

tim-with-backgroundChef Tim of TJ Morgans has worked in the food and restaurant industry for over 30 years.

He attended the Culinary Institute of America and has studied and worked in restaurants across the U.S. and Europe.

His knowledge and passion for different cuisines worldwide is what drives the unique flavors in our spices and seasonings.

He has taken his cooking and experience from restaurants specializing from seafood to steak to BBQ to German to Italian to Americana and combined that with his passion for eating so that our customers can bring their taste and cooking experience to a new level.

At TJ Morgans, we have a passion for seasonings and a dedication to flavors and aromas that complete dishes. We originally produced these blends to satisfy friends, family, and guests at our restaurant. We now offer these to restaurants and the general public across the U.S. with recent expansion into Europe!

Currently, we have over 100 restaurants using our blends with great results. We think home-based chefs (or do-it-yourselfers) should have the same tools the professionals have. Cook with our seasonings and watch for the pleasant surprise from your guests!

From Our Community

First-we Hook ’em, Then we Cook ’em. Been using TJ Morgan’s spices on all my seafood–Stellas Garlic Galore–on all my fish. Mouth-Watering.

Captain Adams, Seminole, FL