Poultry is a very popular food in our everyday cooking options. We eat poultry in many of our dishes with many varieties of preparation – salads, entrees, wings, Thanksgiving, wraps, pizza, soups.

Great with the following ingredients: lemon, pepper, chilis, bourbon, garlic, salt, smoke, citrus, fruits, onions

Pairs well with cheese, dressings, wine, beer, salads, Italian specialties, soups – All around American Favorite.

Recommended TJ Morgan’s Pairings:

  • Blue Ridge Bourbon
  • Buttered Apple Poultry
  • Florida Sweet N Fire
  • Lemon Pepper Garlic Herb
  • Stella’s Garlic
  • Mohave Mesquite
  • Hickory Bacon
  • Island Way Jerk
  • Southwest
  • Valencia Habanero
  • Raspberry Chipotle
  • Famous Chicken